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New York State Taxation

Tax Defense

Our firm represents clients in all phases of the State Tax Assessment and Collection Process. We know that an important part of an attorney’s role is to educate the client. As your Tax Counsel, we take the time to explain the how tax audits are conducted, we identify your exposure and describe your position in the stage of the audit. We have found that when clients understand the process, it alleviates many of their concerns.

   Tax Audits

All audits are not the same. Clients need a skilled representative to speak directly with the auditor and to control the examination. Audits can be structured as Employee-Independent Contractor, Purchase Mark-Up, Observation Audits, Desk Audits, Office Audits, Economic Reality Audits and in many other forms. We have handled all of these and have been successful in reducing State tax assessments sought against our clients.

   Tax Litigation

A key concept to remember…rights are deemed waived if not taken. Both the IRS and New York State have deadlines for bringing your matter under review to the next level. Whether your matter is before a New York State Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ”) or the Division of Tax Appeals, a failure to recognize these deadlines can eliminate recourse rights which would otherwise be available to you. The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance recognize the hazards of litigating a tax matter. When we take your tax controversy to court, the judge and the opposing party will be presented with the facts and the law in the most persuasive light.

   Tax Collection

Even after taxes are assessed, clients are often cash-strapped and unable to pay the balance sought by the government. In the process, the government can use many collection methods including liens, levies, garnishments and tax warrants (NYS) to secure payment of a balance owed. Whether you are seeking an Installment Plan, Offer-in-Compromise or Collection Due Process Proceeding, we will utilize our expertise to work for the most beneficial plan that you qualify for.

Tax Planning

Every day, taxpayers make important business and personal financial decisions that can affect their tax burden. The structure you choose for conducting your business and financing your operations can dramatically affect your tax obligations. Our firm provides domestic and international tax planning for individuals as well as corporate, partnership, trust and LLC clients. This includes tax disputes with taxing authorities and tax litigation. We can assist you if are planning a transaction that requires a ruling from the New York State Tax Department or are in the midst of an examination that requires technical tax advice. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are well informed on the tax consequences of their decisions and are given the opportunity to consider alternate approaches aimed at reducing their tax burden.

New York State Tax Defense & Planning

• New York State/City Sales Tax Audits & Litigation
• New York State/City Corporate Income/Franchise Tax Audits
• New York State Tax Department Advisory Opinions
• Bureau of Conciliation & Mediation (BCMS) Tax Conferences
• New York State Withholding Tax Audits
• New York State Offers-in-Compromise
• Nexus and Jurisdictional Issues
• New York State Estate/Gift/Fiduciary Tax Audits
• New York State/New York City Residency Tax Audits
• New York State Tax Warrants & Income Executions
• New York State Tax Department Enforced Collection Issues
• New York State Innocent Spouse Claims
• New York State Voluntary Tax Disclosure Program
• New York State Settlement Agreements
• Multistate Tax Audits
• Multistate Tax Amnesty Applications


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